Is it possible to send several articles to the journal for publication at the same time?

no When the result of the review of the article you sent is known, then you can proceed to send your next article.

Is it possible to send your article to several magazines?

no This is against publishing ethics. If this is done, your article will not be published; And if it is printed, it will be valid. Then your name will be blacklisted in the journal and no other articles from you will be accepted.

Is it necessary for all article authors to register in the system?

no It is not necessary. Only the responsible author will register in the system. But all authors should be aware of their maxeolity in relation to the article. The order of names of people and the responsibility of each of them should be clear in the article.



When will I receive the article acceptance letter?

Once all the necessary corrections have been made on your text and the referees and finally the editor and editorial board have approved your writing, you will be given a letter of acceptance.