“Maqamat” ,Written by Badi Al-Zaman Hamadani, Known as “Maqamqt Al-Kodyah”, is a book written in 4th century (Hijra) and The scholars have paid attention to it from that age till now. Also the structure trait of Maqamat has absorbed effort of researchers to itself and lead them to have less consider to the meaning aspect of this book. Therefore some scholars believe That The Badi Al- Zaman’s efforts is compressed in word arrangement having no tendency to the meaning. Further some believes that Maqamat teaches straight trict and juggle to others, so it has no moral value. But we think Maqamat has historic and social value therewith literary value and Badi Al- Zaman has scrupled in topic choice as carefully as word and stylist choice. Because he smashes fences around literature which limited it to the specific topics, by choice beg as topic and burrowed in to the society and mass life. Thus in This article we try to peruse correlation between Maqamat and society to know we can increase our Linguistics teaching and more information about 4th century (Hijra) people by reading Maqamat.