The sea, have not sharein old poetry very much because the old poet didn’t overstep the shape and the semblance in his word on the sea. Thereupon, the sea in the old poetry can note frequently the threat , the swallow , the naught, the foam ,the wave ,the quiet, the sincerity, the roar ,the blue and the mercy ,the expanse, the greatness and things which is similar to those or the description of their journey on the high seas or their nautical battles and their warships. But these descriptions were superficial and the Arabic poet couldn't receive the revelation of the sea and didn’t understand the sea’s profound and various guidances. But we see in the contemporary age specially after the appearance of the Romanticism that poets personify the sea. Therefore the sea in their poetries has the sense and the sentiment so that there is interaction between the two and the poets take it as a symbol for their interior worlds and philosophic thoughts.
Nevertheless, this deep significance for the sea remains not only in Romanticist’s poetry but also penetrated poetry of the rest (didn’t remain in romanticist’s poetry just but also it penetrated in poetry of the rest) so that the sea took the new conceptions too (such) as the politic , national , generic, amorous or public or cultural conceptions and all of which are counted as the new jumps of the sea in Arabic contemporary poetry