Generosity is the human nameaned sign that God has created him on the basis of them as says;' Indeed we honored the children of Adam provided them with means of transportation on land and sea; and also provided them lowful and pur sustenance and preferred them abovemany of our creatures'(Esra,70). In this manner put him the best nobleman of his creatures.
The keeping of human generosity has been reflected in arabic literature since arabs before Mohammad hitherto. But in arabic literature there are two distinguished poets who have special attention to human generosity.therefore the chief part of thire poetries belong to this divine scent. They discribe the generosity in best kind to these poetries.They are two motanabbies;one of them is Abbasi priod Motanabbi(Abolttayeb) and other one is the contemporary Motanabbi(Mohammad Mahdi Javaheri).