Using words in their real or Figurative meaningsis one of features that every speaker takes into substantial consideration while lecturing. Accordingly, meanings emerged after the word is spoken would never represent speaker's intention and its audience can't even infer its substances from word's new meaning and attribute it to the speaker, rather mind should be prevented from meanings emerging after the word is spoke. Speaker's intention should be concluded according to meanings of words at the time it's expressed. This fact has the most importance when perceiving and understanding Holy Quran's vocabulary because Holy Quran speaks with language of the time it was descended and has used its words according to their prevailing meanings at that time. Thus, this study explores meaning evolution of the word "kofr" in Sematic languages including the Arabic based on its application in Quran and then examines its origin and etymology. In addition, interpretive and narrative perspectives are addressed in the course of research and finally a more acute meaning for this word and its derivatives is presented regarding "kofr" entries in some of the most prominent Persian translations.