Document Type : Research Paper



Both Nimā and Al–Bayāti are one of the vanguard poets in contemporary literature of Iran and Iraq. Although it is not connection between them, but the synchronic conditions and living in analogous politic and social conditions, and inferior absolutism and stifling atmosphere, having social commitment with mulish and protester soul against society and taking up a fortified state against that, and acquainting symbolist poets of French literature, and trend to symbolism, have given very communications between their poetry. For example we can allude to dreadful attendance of “night“ in their poems by absolutism and tense atmosphere sign.
This essay by allusion to function of “night “in contemporary poems, analyze two poems: “Hast shab“ and “Allayl –lo fi kolle makanen“ of Nimā and Al–Bayāti. Afterwards explains the similarity and differentiation between them.