The Study and Investigation of the Zubdat al-I’rab Manuscript Written by AbdAllah-Ibn-Muhammad

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD Student of Arabic Language and Literature, University of Tehran

2 Associate Professor of Arabic Language and Literature, University of Tehran


The manuscripts are the written heritages and possessions of our predecessors and their maintenance and retention is of great importance. The “Zobdat al-E’rab” manuscript, which is written by “AbdAllah-Ibn-Muhammad”, is a book including Morphological and syntactical topics, which in particular deals with the grammatical analysis and brief description of the “Ezhar al-Asrar Fi al-Nahv” that is written by “Muhammad-Ibn-PirAli-Ibn-Eskandar Berkavy”. Besides the technical, educational and scientific worthiness and importance, this book worths noting, correction and criticism since it is the first grammatical analysis of the “Ezhar al-Asrar” book. It should be emphasized that the “Ezhar Al-asrar” book is among the important and significant morphological scientific and educational books which is taught in most of the religious schools of Turkey. Four copies of the “Zobdat-al-E’rab” have been found in the libraries all over the world, which one of them preserves in the library of the Islamic Parliament of Iran. Other copies of this valuable book exist in big libraries in the world such as the French National library and library of the “King Faisal” university. Using a descriptive, analytical approach, this paper provides biographies of the authors of the “Ezhar al-Asrar” and the “Zobdat al-E’rab ” books and introduces the “Zobdat al-E’rab” manuscript completely. Also, the excellences, shortcomings and technical issues of the manuscript have been presented which are obtained during the collation, investigation, and correction. The exact writing dates for two copies of this manuscript are unknown to us. Also the writing dates of the two other copies are much later than the writing date of the original copy. As a result, determination of the first and the original copy seems to be difficult. One of the important results which is obtained and reported by this paper is the best way which can be used in order to correct this manuscript.


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