Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Arabic language and literature, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran.

2 Department of Arabic Language and Literature, Persian Gulf University, Bushehr, Iran



There are novels and stories hoarding literally inter-textuality which make the reader go back to traditional texts, to the author himself, or to other authors, especially when the author himself appears in the narrative text. This seems to be hard and the text should be studied according to the meta-narrative basis to discover what's before and after the text and also the meta-text and criticizing the narrative text. One of the Arab novelists that significantly focused on writing meta-narrative texts with its different levels is the Sudani's writer Amir Taj Alser especially in his two works: larvae hunter" and  "the weather" in which the incidents, characters, body, and themes are clear that the reader thinks these two are one novel or the second is completing the first. This study is based on inter-textual comparison between the two novels in order to discovery the meta-narration of narrators, intrigue and characters. While analyzing it appears that Amir Taj Alser was well informed of the meta-narrative text in his two novels. We mainly concluded that the novel " larvae hunter" is a pre-text and it is completed by the meta-narrative technique of the novel " the weather" as a way to connect the themes and structural models used in both novels. This is a descriptive analytical study and from the features of it is going back to the previous text as a comparative study or inter-textuality.


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